Safety Information

Important note: non-compliance of the information below may result in the improper functioning of the appliance. When using electrical appliances, safety precautions should always be taken, including the following:


  • Read all instructions thoroughly before using the appliance;
  • Save this User Manual for future consultation;
  • Do not modify the appliance in any manner;
  • Install the appliance according to local electrical regulations;
  • Check the voltage limit as indicated on the serial number plate before installation and prior to using the appliance;
  • Should the plug be unsuitable for use with the electrical socket, contact a qualified electrician;
  • The manufacturer / reseller shall not be held responsible for the pre-existing electrical system;
  • The manufacturer / reseller shall not be held responsible for damages deriving from the improper use of the appliance, or for repairs carried out by non-authorized service technicians;
  • Do not allow children or persons with reduced psycho-physical and/or sensory capacity to use the appliance;
  • Do not place the appliance and/or cord on or near any source of heat (e.g. hot gas, electric burner or in a heated oven);
  • The appliance must be placed a minimum distance of 15 cm from walls or objects that could restrict the circulation of air and provoke overheating;
  • Avoid contact with moving parts;
  • Always operate the appliance with cover in place;
  • Keep hands and utensils out of container while operating to prevent the possibility of personal injury or damage to the machine. A spatula may be used, but must be used only when the appliance is not running;

Operating Procedure

Important note: remember to position the lid correctly because it is equipped with a safety that when removed automatically stops the paddle from churning.
Insert the paddle (3) into the bowl sliding it over the center shaft. Once securely in place, turn the locking nut (2) clockwise tight; Insert the plug into the electrical socket and rotate the timer (4) clockwise up to 60 minutes; Turn on the chill switch (5); Pour the cold ingredients into the bowl and reposition the lid (1); Turn on the churn switch (6); The frozen dessert will be prepared
in 20-35 minutes, depending on the type of desired frozen dessert and product. Turn both the chill and churn switches off (5 and 6) and bring the timer (4) to zero, rotating counter-clockwise; Remove the lid (1) and extract the frozen dessert with the special spatula provided with the machine.

1. LID - it protects the product during preparation. The transparent lid comes equipped with a safety, that - when removed - automatically stops the paddle from churning. 2. LOCKING NUT - it is used to block and maintain the paddle in its correct position. Once unscrewed, the paddle can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. 3. PADDLE - made of stainless steel, the rotating paddle produces frozen desserts by push- ing the ingredients towards the internal wall of the mixing bowl, which is cooled by an internal compressor. 4. TIMER - a mechanical 60-minute timer that works in conjunction with a churn and chill switch to shut the unit off when a set time has elapsed. 5. CHILL SWITCH - an illuminated chill switch controls the compressor ("l" with light ON indicates the compressor is in function - ON; "O" with light OFF indicates the compressor is OFF). 6. CHURN SWITCH - an illuminated churn switch controls the rotary motor and stainless steel paddle ("l" with light ON indicates the rotary motor and paddle are in operation - ON; "O" with light OFF indicates the rotary motor and paddle are OFF).

Clean Up & Maintenance

Always unplug the machine before cleaning; The paddle (3) and locking nut (2) are dishwasher safe; For the lid (1), we suggest a short wash program at low temperature; Pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of hot water into the empty bowl and wait a few minutes. Wipe the bowl with a damp sponge, repeat the process until clean. Finally dry with a clean towel. Aside from the cleaning procedure indicated in the previous section, the CUBE 750 and CUBE 1.5 do not need any particular maintenance. Please consult the Contact section of this website for repair or service needs.

The following common rules must be adhered to when using electrical appliances: